Health benefits of yoga

14 Benefits of Yoga – the ultimate guide for beginners

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Hello guys today we will discuss what are the health benefits of yoga

Yoga drove from Sanskrit word Yuj which mean the union and unite which originated in ancient India

In ancient periods practice yoga which main motive get bring body and soul together and discipline

In this world, everyone doesn’t worries about health they want to earn money they forget how important is to stay healthy

According to the study,

one question have asked people to choose your health or money but commonly answer people have given money

they probably not know behind the secret of success

if you will be healthy you can earn a lot of money but you are not healthy

you will not able to earn money, however, I know most people have not time to join gym classes but they can do exercise at home

you can do yoga at home

according to the research which people doing yoga half an hour in a day her physical power will be improved

which directly impact the body mentally, physically and spiritual development

If you think trying yoga and passionate about yoga or want to know the health benefits of yoga

you are practicing yoga daily you have noticed some benefits in body mental and physical health

Some health benefits of yoga

1. yoga benefits Improves your flexibility

yoga benefits Improves your flexibility

One of the most important benefits of yoga practicing is help improve flexibility,

many people add yoga to improve their flexibility

Suppose today is the first day of yoga, you have noticed you are not able to touch your toes after 1-month yoga practiced you can

Do yogic exercise daily you have found most difficult exercises, you were not able to do before after you will see you able to do all difficult yoga exercise easily practice yoga

In one study, 100 people assigned practicing yoga in a day after they have found, people practicing yoga daily improve body flexibility more than before

Practicing just 25- 30 minutes of yoga in a day help improve flexibility

2. Yoga may help in depression

if you are suffering from depression, you should do yoga practice such as meditation

however, multiple studies have shown, yoga one of the best way lower the depression easily

Yoga may help in depression

One study has shown, 100 women assigned who suffering from depression practicing yoga

after 2-month practicing yoga, the women had significantly suffered from depression. They also had found lower the depression

another study showed the same result assigned 200 people lower the risk of depression 2-month yoga practicing

3. Yoga may help for hearth health

Good health your hearth is an essential component for all health. pumping blood throughout the whole body

According to the research, yoga may help heart hearth and reduce the risk factors for heart health

heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure one of the common heart issue faced by heart diseases person you may help lower the risk of all issues

One study has shown that 100 patents suffer from heart issues problem such as heart attack, stroke reduce the risk of all issue during yoga exercise 6 month daily

4. yoga may help in Relieves Anxiety

Many people have started practicing yoga lowers the risk of anxiety

Studies have shown that yoga may help lower the risk of anxiety which people suffering from anxiety should do yoga

One study has found, 50 women have participated in yoga class approx 3 months. they have found those who practiced yoga had significantly lower levels of anxiety

According to another study, found 65 women suffering from (PTSD )  post-traumatic stress disorder

after practiced in yoga class continually 10 weeks, had significantly reduced the (PTSD )  post-traumatic stress disorder

5. Yoga may aid help to reduce inflammation

Some studies proved that practicing yoga or yogic exercise daily that may aid help to reduce inflammation

inflammation is a type of the process by which the body’s white blood cells and substances they may help protect foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses

inflammation development certain types of diseases in the human body such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes

In 2015 studies, assigned people and divided into two group one group have to do yoga daily and the second group did not do yoga

After that found which group practicing yoga daily had significantly reduced inflammation compare than the second group which do not do yoga practicing

6. Yoga help in breathing

Some yogic exercise if you will do may aid help focuses on controlling the breath some type of breathing exercises such as Pranayama

According to the research have found that practicing yoga may help improve breathing.

In one study, some students were given yogic exercise for a few months, including this breathing exercise and end of the studies they found people do breathing exercise daily improve her vital capacity

Vital capacity is a measure of the maximum amount of air that can be expelled from the lungs

in Nother studies has found person practicing breathing yogic exercises daily have found lower the risk of asthma

it means which person suffering from asthma should practicing yoga

7. Yoga may promote better sleep

lack of sleep or improper sleep causes of certain types of diseases such as obesity,  high blood pressure, and depression

Studies have shown that yoga exercise promoting better sleep if you are a person facing problem-related to sleep so you might have practice yoga daily

One study has shown, assign 100 people divided into two groups, group a and b

group A who practicing yoga daily and group B which did not practice yoga

end of the studies has found group A which was doing yoga exercise daily get proper sleep, longer sleep, slept longer and felt more well-rested in the morning than the other groups which were not practicing yoga

Patients of lymphoma or suffering from lymphoma should be practicing yoga

The study showed the effect of yoga on lymphoma patients

They found that it decreased sleep disturbances, improved sleep quality, and duration and reduced the need for sleep medications

8. Yoga increases your focus

One of the most benefits of yoga practiv=ce is may help increase your focus and achieve your ghouls

One study has shown a person who practices Transcendental Meditation  ( is a type of yoga exercises help increase your focus level) increase thinking capacity, an understanding thing easily and help increase IQ levels, improve coordination and help sharp memory

if you want to increase your focus lever I personally recommended should do yoga 30 minutes in a day

9. yoga help to increase strength

However, many health experts suggest yoga practice is one of the best and easy ways to increase your strength.

even some yogic exercise may help to increase your strength and build muscles such as Chair Pose, Dolphin Plank Pose, Feathered Peacock Pose, Extended Triangle Pose.

In one study 100 peoples assigned to do strength yogic exercise daily 30- 40-minute workout and end of the studies they have found increase body strength and reduce obesity

10. yoga may help reduce obesity

you have been overweighted, so you have decided loss your weigh, I think you should do yoga or yogic exercise, Yoga may also be an effective tool to help you lose weight

some yoga exercises you can do during the weight loss workout such as Boat Pose, Extended Side Angle Pose, Four-Limbed Staff Pose, Seated Forward Bend, Surya namaskar all exercise help you lower your obesity

According to the study, yoga thought to be beneficial that person who struggling loss weight

11. Yoga prevents diabetes

Diabetes is the biggest problem in all over the world every year 1.6 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes

Many health experts believe yoga help lower the risk of diabetes and protect against other related medical conditions

Such as heart attack types 2 diabetes

Even daily yoga-practicing can help reduce the risk of stress, enhance mobility, reduce blood sugar levels

According to the several studies, women who suffer from diabetes have done yoga-practicing daily 3 months found to a large extent lower the diabetes

12. Yoga help protect your spine

you don’t spine is the most important component in our body which give supports your body and help move your body one place to another place and control our central nerve system

For some reason a problem with our spine that means unable to support the central nervous system

One of the most health benefits of yoga is improving and maintaining healthy movement and strength of the spine.

Some yoga exercise you can do to protecting your spine such as

Kumbhakasana (Plank), Padangushtasana (Hand to Big Toe Pose), Standing Lateral Stretch, Uddiyana Bandha Practice (Core Work At Your Desk)

One study has shown a person who practicing yoga in a day approx 30-40 minute may help lower the risk of back pain and improving the agility and flexibility of the spine

13. Yoga promotes bone health

However, many health experts suggest practicing yoga improve your bone health and increase your strength in bones

After the age of 40 – 50 many people lose their bone density and face osteoporosis

what kind of yoga exercise can help you get stronger bones some types yogic exercise you must do improve your bones health such as Extended Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana), etc

According to the search person who practicing yoga 30 minutes in every morning may help get stronger bones

14. Yoga Can Help Boost Your Immune System

You have heard and read a lot of viruses in our surrounding something they enter in our body while we breathing inside

Which causes of certain types of diseases such as coughs, head colds, stomach aches, and many other illnesses.

Good eating habits may help reduce the risk of common sicknesses, you do not have to stop here

we should do yoga-practicing which Can Help Boost Your Immune System protect from dangerous virus

Here is some yoga exercise you can do practice to boost your immune system such as Sukhasana, Pranayama, Uttanasana, Viparita Karani


Many studies have proved yoga-practicing 30- 40 minutes in a day good for health

Yoga practicing a lot of benefits such as flexibility, depression, anxiety good for bone health, boost your immune system

If you are wondering about yoga I think you should do yoga to improving your health

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