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How to stay healthy at home ( 2020 )

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Today we will discuss how to stay healthy

)You must know that every year’s lots of people die because of bad health

Many health experts suggest that everyone must stay being healthy, everyone knows it sounds good when we only hear

When it comes to doing we getting in the biggest skeptical because we don’t know how to do

people say that but did not tell how to stay healthy?

Maintaining yourself healthy is not an easy task, it takes too much time, we can say it a little bit difficult

you know the healthy body does not get by accidentally, you will have to do hard work to achieve it, it is not an easy task

Maintain a proper diet, exercise, and much other hard works

Why it is important to keep yourself healthy?

Do you know what is the meaning of healthy?

Healthy meaning healthy and fit body, as well as have to reduce the risk of disease which causes life-threatening

However, many people know how important is to make yourself healthier but they don’t worry about her health, only her work

They only want to earn money only more and more money.

you probably know that if you are healthier money will automatically come with you because you will capable of earn money cause you have power

But your health is not good because of your towards attitude, that always pushes you in a serious condition which may cause certain types of diseases as well as you can say that deaths

read this article how to stay healthier, completely after reading this article you only follow the instructions for good health

Some tips stay healthy and fit for a better lifestyle


EAT A HEALTHY DIET for healthy

How important is get a healthier diet, many people wondering so let me tell you guys

you trying too much hard for getting yourself healthy, but you are not taking a proper healthy diet,

So you cant stay healthy without proper diet

proper diet is extremely important for health even better growth and better lifestyles

So you should take some healthy meals which high in nutrients such as you can consume a diet some fruits and vegetables, whole grains, a variety of protein foods, and low-fat dairy products.

According to the study, selected two group name is A and B,

the first group taking proper healthy diet but group B is not taken and end of the result which group consuming a healthy diet, they are more healthy and energetic than group b

You can eat a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars, and fats, which are essential for a healthy diet. it will be good if you do not eat outside ( junk food )


EXERCISE DAILY for stay healthier life

You have decided that keep yourself healthy and live better

It will be extremely difficult to ignore exercise. because exercise is the biggest factor which directly has been linked to good health

So add some minutes in a day for exercise, better health for a better life

Everyone must do exercise men’s women even child every age. it does not matter

A study showed that daily exercise that reduces the risk of serval types of diseases as if stroke, high blood pressure, types 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, arthritis

which exercise you should do

you can do swimming running dancing some yoga posture and other think in which you like to come to the fun

exercises stay you healthier as well as help in obesity boost energy level improve moods


DRINK WATER for healthy and better lifestyle

Without water we cant service, it is an essential part of our life, more than 71% of surface cover by water and the human body made up to 60 % of water

It is the largest drink which drinks all over the words, you want to stay healthy so drink water, Experts have suggested a person should drink 8 glass of water in a day for better health

What are the health benefits of drink water?

You must known drink water lots of benefits let find

It is very important that keep your body Dehydration, for better health as well as the effect on energy level and brain function

Blood is more than 90 % of water which the main work reach oxygen throughout the whole body, good for skin, good for the digestive system as well as maintain blood pressure

Water also helps in weight loss and lower the risk of hangover even help in kidney damage

Next time if you wondering about better health so don’t think only drink water


. PROPER SLEEP is very important for keep yourself healthy

Think you are working all day it does not matter that you are student, housewife or man after coming to your home and did not get proper sleep

next morning the same routine you have to do, but you did not get proper sleep so how would you get energy for other days, that case you work going wrong

you must have heard better sleep for better health, everyone one should take 8-hour sleep in a day but some kind of reason you did not able proper sleep because of working load

So I want to ask one question to you, what will you choose between good health and bad health, however, I know you chose good health

If you want good health so get proper sleep in day approx 8-hour sleep you must take

how proper sleep effect on health?

You probably know that if are taking proper sleep is directly linked with your health as if help in preventing cancer, reduce stress, May Reduce Your Risk of Depression, help in Reduces Inflammation,

It may Help to Lose Weight as well as help in improving your memory

So next time you think for better health only sleep


 MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGH  for keep healthier

I know if you are suffering from obesity so it will we very difficult to stay healthy, so you have to need to maintain your weight

you know some time overweight causes of death

Healthy weight is extremely important for better health that reduces certain types of diseases as if lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, reduce high blood pressure as well as lower the risk of some cancer types

What causes of weight gain

It depends on you how to get overweight, your diet ( what are you eating healthy food wether not healthy food ), quantity ( how much you are eating) and other factors

You know your laziness always causes weight gain because you don’t even like doing physical activities that may help maintain your weight

Improper sleep causes of weight gain so take sleep 8 hours in the day that directly impact your weight

some yoga posture for weight loss

some food you must avoid when you’re trying for weight loss


AVOID JUNK FOOD for stay healthy

everyone have to like to eat junk food as if burgers, french fries, chips, and other non-healthy food which come under in junk food

Why junk food bad for us?

you know junk food high in kilojoules, saturated fat, added sugar and added salt.

as well as you might not have known that junk food low in important vitamin and minerals

Overdose of eating junk food not good for health some time causes of death

If you really worry about your health you must avoid junk food,

because it causes many problems as if obesity, chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, types of diabetes and cancer

You can eat more healthy food in the place of junk food,

eat some salad which food high in important nutrients not high in added sugar and kilojoules, saturated fat

If you want to keep your self healthy so you must avoid junk food

But you want to eat junk food so in these cases you can eat a little bit, but don’t take high dose


AVOID SUGARY DRINKS for keep yourself healthy

You know sugary drink most popular amongst the peoples

which everyone has to like a drink as if soda, cold drink, sports drinks and energy drinks

That will be a good idea to avoid sugary drinks because sugary drinks good in tastes but it worst for health

It contains lots amount of fat, added sugar as well as low in nutrients

that will be a not a good choice to consuming it

For sugary drink lovers, you know consuming sugary drink has been directly related to weight gain as well as causes of certain types of diseases

people who consuming sugar drink that has increased the risk factor of types 2 diabetes up to 26 %

sugary drink causes of heart attack and not good for Bone health even causes of Gout

So if you want to stay yourself healthy so avoid sugary drink,

you can drink a healthy drink which made from fruits and vegetables that will be good for health

more information


AVOID SMOKING for healthy lifestyle

you must have read and watched in tv that smoking causes of cancer, you know that so why you do smoke

However, you might not have known that every year 4,80,000 people die due to tobacco-related causes in which one in two smokers will die from a smoking-related disease.

you are a smoker so you must quit smoking because doing smoking harms your all body organ that pushes you in serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses.

Smoking has been linked to Crohn diseases, rheumatoid diseases as well as a cause of types 2 diabetes, increase rate of heart attack, and other diseases that cause of death

So if you are serious about your health so quit smoking that gives you lots of health benefits and reduces health risks

next time though come in your mind of smoking, so before smoking think your life and what can do smoking with you


Everyone likes to take a sunbath on the beach, sometimes is good for our body but too much is not

In this day very important to protect your self from the sun,

You know there are two types of harmful rays which come from the sun name is ultraviolet (UV) radiation and  UVA,

that is very harmful to us

which we cannot see and feel but it very dangerous our body

that causes some skin problems as if skin cancer, skin aging, and wrinkling, Sunburn, Eye damage, Weakened immune system

It is important to protect your self from the sun even your family

You know between 10 AM and 4 PM UV rays are much powerful, so please don’t go outside without any reason

UV rays are strongest during summer, so don’t go outside in summer

How to protect yourself from UV rays?

  • Stay in the shade mean you can use umbrellas and hat when you are going outside
  • Cover up your full body means don’t wear a half shirt and half pants, wear full clothes that protect you from skin burn and other skin problems
  • Apply sunscreen in your body if you are going outside


WASH YOUR HAND  for stay your healthier

Many times you come from outside and eat food without wash your hand so some bacteria goes in the body through your mouth, because of your careless and laziness

One of the best and easy methods to keep yourself healthier is to wash your hands again and again.

if you are come from outside, if you are at home then also you must wash hand

use soup while you are washing, wash your hand at least 20 minutes, rub your hand properly, as well as rub your nail and finger as well

This is your responsibility wash your hand as well as checks out your family also washing her hand or not


LIMIT YOUR ALCOHOL for fit and better lifestyle

Alcohol is not harmful to us when you are drinking in the limit

you know how much you should drink,

if you are men should not drink more than 2 glass and women not more than one glass of liqueur in a day

However, many people drink liqueur too much to her capacity that effect for your health and liver

you know alcohol causes some types of cancer such as throat, liver, or pancreas cancer

if you want to stay your healthier drink alcohol only moderations, not take high dose


CHECK YOURSELF TO DOCTOR for keep your self healthier

it is very important to check yourself from a doctor, that may help lower the risk of life-threatening from future diseases

because a doctor can easily find out which diseases you have and how to overcome diseases, take advice from doctors how to stay healthy

But one thing doesn’t hide your problem with your doctor

Benefits of checking yourself from doctors

  • Reduce the risk of diseases
  • if you suffer from diseases which easily Detect and reduce the risk of life-threatening
  • Increase chances for treatment and cure if you have any diseases
  • live a better lifestyle


when you read you must have known how to stay healthy

it is very important to keep yourself healthier because we can lower the risk of life-threatening from future diseases

Healthier is a bit difficult not impossible if you follow all things

  • Take a diet which fulfills with nutrients, carbs, fiber and other
  • Maintain weight
  • Regular exercise
  • Alcohol only for moderations
  • Avoid junk food and sugary drink
  • Drink water and proper sleep

you are worried about your health so follow everything, for a better lifestyle

how to stay healthy

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