food to avoid for weight loss

food to avoid for weight loss

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You get overweight and try too much hard for weight loss and did not get any result, here some food to avoid for weight loss

Overweight is the biggest problem all over the world every year 3,00.000 people die due to overweight

mostly death faced women compare than men

you know weight loss journey, which has to start and end is very easy but maintain continually would very difficult

do you want to weight loss


One day you wake up as if you regularly do and watch your self in the mirror you must have noticed, you have overweighted

Look yourself in a mirror while wondering, ok, now I would lose my weight

you have tried lots of things for weight loss, daily workout, jogging, and another different thing

but anything doesn’t work

So what I do, you just need discipline and proper diet to achieve my weight loss goal

It depends on your diet if you taking a good diet as well as eat some food which you should avoid when you are trying to lose your weight

if you want to succeed in your weight loss goal and watch your self next time in the mirror thin

So some food you must avoid for during the weight loss

Why you avoid food when you trying for weight loss?

you might have known that some food may help lose your weight as if you can consuming food that lows in fat, calorie, and fat-free

As well as some food also like that which may promote your weight gain while you would be trying to lose your weight

if you really want and your desire soon weight loss you should have to take proper healthy diet

Why you avoid food when you trying for weight loss?

One studies have shown assigned 50 people in which divided into two groups first group name is A and second is B

The first group was given food that promotes weight gain and the second group was given healthy food

At the end of studies found A group gain more weight compared than group B

so you should not that food that causes of your weight gain

In this article you will get some food list you must avoid during your weight loss


FRENCH FRIES you must avoif for loss weight

One of the food which everyone like and mostly eaten by people

It easily available in your near shop, which good in taste but not good for health, you know how it good in taste

Do you know How Many restaurants give french fries a crispy texture, so let me tell you, they put fries in a deep fryer to maintain her taste

If you eating french fries as well as wants a thin body, so sorry you can’t lose your weight

French fries come in categories of junk food which high in calories, salt, and unhealthful fats, that prevent your weight loss goal

One studies have shown that french fries directly linked to weight gain,

if want to see yourself fit and slim body so from toady avoid french fries and other junk food

I know somewhere people cannot live without eating junk food, so know one thing before consuming junk food

In the studies found Fried potatoes Contains acrylamides substance that causes of cancer

you Boil potatoes is better than fried potatoes so avoid french fries


avoid SUGARY DRINKS for weight loss

you know one of the biggest factors why people did not achieve their weight loss ghoul, however, they try hard

one of the reason is sugary drinks which you like the most, such as sodas, sports drinks, and fruit juices which high in sugar

you might be wondering how it effects on weight gain, so my dear friends let me clear your doubt

You might not know sugary drink high in added sugar and lots of calories that promote weight gains, and lack of other nutrients which not good for health

On studies found sugary drinks contributed important role to increase calories in level in people, which they get from the only sugary drink that they drink daily,

you know per day a person consuming 480 calories from sugary drinks.

Next time thought to come in your mind drink a sugary drink before the drink see your self if you want weight loss

So avoid sodas, sports drinks, and fruit juices if you want to see yourself in a slim body


avoid WHITE BREAD because it cause of overweight

Many people eat white bread in breakfast, some people make toast and some make a sandwich using white bread and many other ways to eats bread

you don’t know white bread also causes weight gain and may help to increase obesity

You should have to avoid eating white bread while you focus on your weight loss goal

However, you must be wondering how white bread causes of weight gain

White bread high in calories, carbohydrates and as well as low in fiber, protein, and other nutrients

High in a glycemic index that increases the blood sugar level in the body

One study has found hired people in the experiment, give her white bread slices daily continually 1 month and end of the studies found bread directly linked to weight gain up to 40 %

So avoid white bread if you want to weigh loss


you must avoid  CANDY BARS if you want lose your weight

Actually candy popular in a child, men even women, everyone has to like eat candy bars but these habits did not

Unfornatilly, Candy bars easily found in every shop and if you eating candy, so you have to need to avoid candy bars

You must have not known that candy bars also hike your weight gain and obesity while trying to lose weight

how the candy bar contributed to increases your weigh

Candy bars are extremely unhealthy food because it contains lots of calories, added sugar, and fat content.

An average-sized candy bar provides around 200–300 calories and big size contains more


ICE CREAM high in clarories you must avoid

if you are talking about the delicious dessert, how can you forget about ice cream, it always comes in your list first

Most people eat icecreams in summers that may relieve us in summer

you are eating ice cream, I know it is tasty as well as unhealthy because it is fully loaded in calories and added sugar, and offer very low amount of fiber and protein

A normal cup of ice cream provided around 273 calories, 31 grams of carbohydrates, 14.5 grams of fat, and 28 grams of sugar.

All of this found in icecream directly linked to weight gain

you are trying to lose weight so you just need to avoid ice cream for a while until you do not get slim

However, If you want to eat ice cream, so you can make by ownself include healthy ingredients

That makes your icecream super healthy, you can add some types of healthy fruits even use some yogurts

next time desire come in your mind to eat icecream, don’t eat in outside make by ownself at home


 PIZZA is junk food you shoud avoid when you are to lean your weight

Have you eaten pizza?

‘yes’ you would have eaten

you are pizza lover, I know pizza is tasty and popular fast which mostly eats by people

Intersteinally fact is, you would hardly know, Over 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year. Each person in America eats about 46 pizza slices a year.

you know pizza taste is awesome as well as extremely unhealthy, you must avoid eating pizza when you are trying to lose your weight

How pizza help to gain weight?

pizza is junk food, which high in calories, fat, carbs and including some unhealthy ingredients such as refined and wheat flour

If you really want to eat pizza, you can go to those pizza shop, that uses healthy ingredients while making pizza

You are not able to find a pizza shop which makes healthy pizza, so you can make at home using healthy vegetable and other healthy ingredients

So avoid pizza, if you trying loss your weight


HAMBURGERS you must avoid if you get overweight

Hamburgers also famous among all age of group even male, female and kids

The fact about hamburgers, do you know Americans eats 3 hamburger in a week, it means they eat 50 billion burgers in a year

I think you get shocked, I know I also have shocked when I heard this fact about hamburgers

So how can you see a dream to get slim body while you eating hamburgers

I know many peoples do not eat burgers, so they can easily succeed in her weight loss journey

How hamburgers hike in overweight

According to the science, hamburger fully loaded in calories, fat and sodium, let me tell you in detail

The normal size of hamburger provides around 500 calories, 25 grams of fat, 40 grams of carbs, 10 grams of sugar, and 1,000 milligrams of sodium

If you want to lose weight, so avoid hamburgers during your weight loss journey

You can make hamburgers in at your home using healthy vegetable and don’t use fat oil

Eighter you can do this, you can eat healthy food as if you can eat salads and some fruits in the places of hamburgers

Next time you think about eating a burger, so you have to need to think about your weight if you get overweight so avoid junk food


you are not avoiding  FRUITS JUICES forget you never loss your weight

Fruits juices contain lots of antioxidants and minerals that have been linked to good health and some may help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, heart disease, and cancer

But wait if you make juices at home that give you a better result and keep you healthy

However, some fruits juice did not healthy that you are purchasing from the market

Because of mostly fruits juice that available in the market that has very little in common with whole fruit

You know fruits juice also causes weight gain and promote your obesity because of fruits juices also a good source of added sugar and fructose

high in sugar and fructose that causes of weight gain as well as causes of high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes

If you want to lose your weight hurry and want to achieve your weight loss dream, avoid fruits juice some a while

So the best option is made juice at-home use of fresh vegetable and fresh fruits


CAKES AND PASTRIES is tasty but causes of weight gain so avoid

you know everyone has to like to eat cakes and pastries, which knows to eat good taste found in different flavor

Many people eat cakes while doing parties, function, marriages and birthday parties and other types of celebration functions

You probably don’t know cakes and pastries some times may aid in gain weight

how cakes and pastries cause of gain weight?

you should have to know that eats cakes good for tastes as well as unhealthy when you have high doses

Pastries and cakes fully loaded of unhealthy ingredients like added sugar and refined flour.

you must be known that cakes causes of weight gain little bit but as well as causes of certain types of diseases such as high sugar level

So next time don’t eat cakes and pastries pleases avoid them

if you want to lose weight, so patience in yourself control your will power


Consuming that food that not good for health, you know that but still, you are consuming as if added sugar food

Do you know?

many times you mistakenly consuming that food which high added sugar such as sports drinks, yogurt, fruits juice, chocolate milk, and other food

You would have known added sugar food good in eats but they are extremely worst of health as well as promote obesity

You push yourself to hard and try weight loss but didn’t get any result, you have to need to say goodbye that food which high in added sugar

Studies show that if your consuming added sugar food that causes of overweight

Added sugar causes of significant tyes of serious diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes including obesity

So you just need to avoid food that high in added sugar, if you achieve your weight loss goal easily


POTATO CHIPS you should avoid causes it help in gain your weight

mostly we eat potato chips as a snack food, which would be good in taste but extremely bad for health if we taking high dose

potatoes good for health, but potato chips not good when you try losing you’re weigh

You suffer from overweight and try to lose your weight,

so I personally recommended even many health experts suggest avoid potato chips

Do you know potato chips are high in calories and may also provide added fats, salts, and sugar?

A 2015 studies found a positive relationship for obesity if you are consuming potatoes chips

but some healthy snacks also exit that we can eat for a loss you weigh such as raw carrots and a small portion of toasted nuts which no rich in fat and added sugar

chips are the food you avoid for weight loss


DRIED FRUITS cause of overweight so avoid

All fruits are healthy and low in calories but dried fruit not low in calories

you know dried fruits are types of fruits, which is extremely rich in calories

but a high dose of dried fruits causes of weight gain because dried fruit contains more calories and sugar compare than candy, that make dried fruits perfect sweets

You are trying to lose weight so you must avoid dried fruits during your weight loss journey

However, I recommended you can eat real fresh fruits compare than dried fruits because of real fruits more healthy than dried fruits

But here are some dried fruits you must say goodbye

  • Dates – you know dates provide around 66.5-gram calories, 0.1 gm fats
  • Prunes – A 1-ounce (28-gram) serving of prunes provides 67 gm calories, 0.1 gram fats
  • Dried Apricots– A 1-ounce (28-gram) serving of dried apricots provides  67 gm calories, 0.1 gram fats
  • Dried figs– A 1-ounce (28-gram) serving of dried figs provides 70 gm calories, 0.3-gram fats
  • Raisins – A 1-ounce (28-gram) serving of raisins provides 85 gm calories, 0.1-gram fats
  • Sultans – A 1-ounce (28-gram) serving of sultanas provides 95-gram calories

by the way, you eat them in limit so it good for health, but who you want to get the fit and slim body they should avoid



Yogurt is a dairy product that made from milk, people have to like to eat yogurt for its good tastes

you know eating yogurt is good habits that have many nutrients and good food health,

yogurt may aid help certain types of diseases such as lower the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis

So you are wondering how yogurt is good for health how it causes weight gain, we can eat it

You all some yogurt causes of weight gain, one of the name is sweetened yogurt

It contains a high amount of added sugars, you know that added sugar cause of overweight

so avoid sweetened yogurt

some fruits you should avoid when you are trying to lose weight, food to avoid for weight loss


 AVOCADOS causes of weight gain

Avocados are superfruits known as her good taste, which found in lots of color and shape

You know avocados are health and unique fruits loaded of nutrients and directly has been yo our overall health

however may help in many types of a health problem such as Reduce cholesterol levels, good for eyes as well as prevent cancer

But Wait you are trying loss weight while eating avocados so you must avoid these fruits after a while

you might have known, eating these fruits have serval benefits but it promotes your weight gain that causes of obesity

it high in calories, 100 gram of avocados around provides 160 calories, that enough for weight gain

so avoid avocados, you can eat in this fruit in moderation


grapes prevent your weight loss goal

Grapes are famous all over the world and come lots of colors and varieties

However, grapes are tasty fruits, it good for health as well as good for skin, diabetes, stroke and good for blood pressure

you have decided, I would lose my weight still you are eating grapes and think it good for health

I know but you don’t know grapes causes of weight gains because of it high in calories and full-loaded of sugar, 100 grams of grapes provide 67 calories as well as 16 grams of sugar

so next you are eating grapes while wondering about your weight loss, so forget you never be able to slim

16. Bananas

Bananas high in fibers causes of weight gain so avoid

Bananas are extremely in incredible fruits that easy to add in your diet as a part of smoothies and other dishes

you know many gyms trainers and health experts suggest eating a banana to gain weight

how banana help to gain weight

you know banana rich in calories and carbohydrates, as we all know that nutrients may help in gain weight

One banana provides around 150 calories, which is about 37.5 grams of carbohydrates

if you are consuming 2-3 bananas per day, you should avoid because of that more chance for overweight

The food you avoid weighting loss


MANGOES you must avoid if you strugging for weight loss

mangoes are tasty and delicious fruits so that is the reason mangoes known as the king of fruits

Many people add mangoes in the diet which as a part of smoothies and other dishes

studies have shown that mango has been linked to their health benefits, such as help in improved immunity, digestive system, and good for eyes eyesight, as well as a lower risk of serval cancers.

One cup (165 grams) of sliced mango provides around 99 gm of calories and 0.6 gm fats, that enough for weight gain

if you want to lose your weight, avoid mangoes as far as you doest get slim


I hope you have read some food to avoid for weight loss, After reading all the food list

you must have noticed that most food that causes weight gain, are junk food, so avoid food for a while

Junk food high calories and fat that causes weight gain

some time of fruits are healthy but overdoses all cause of overweight

You can eat some healthy food while in your weight loss journey, such salad and other healthy food, but check which food you are taking, they should not high in fat, calories and add sugar

lest you should weight gain

you are want to eat all food you can’t live without eating so forget, you never lose your weight, Food you avoid to weight loss

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