Best Foods for Hair Growth

Best Foods for Hair Growth and worst food for hair fall

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Hello guys today we will discuss some best food for hair growth

Everyone wants big, stronger and healthy hair but some kind of reason some people loss her hair after the age and some loss before the age

It depends on your age, genetics, and which types of diet you have taking

So many people try some supplement for hair growth but that doesn’t work, only waste of money

A most interesting thing you should know about hair

every month hair would have grown 1.25 cm, 15 cm in every year and loss 50 – 100 hair in every day

However, you can control hair growth and hair fall, it depends on your lifestyle and habits

Some Foods for encourages your hair growth but some worst food you are consuming that cause of hair fall and make obstruction in hair growth


‘ Yes ‘ food really Foods for helps in hair growth

Many studies have shown that certain food that may increase your hair fastly it relies upon you what nourishment you are eating

if you are suffering from hair loss and other hair related problems

so in this cases, you should be consuming a good diet that may grow your hair faster such as fatty acid, iron, zinc, protein, B vitamin, and another different food which rich in these nutrients

Avoid that food which prevents hair growth

Which types of nutrients necessary for Hair Growth

  • Iron – Iron is important for hair healthy lack of iron in the human body that causes of hair falls, iron-rich food
  • Vitamin D – is very necessary for hair growth because it stimulates hair follicles
  • E Vitamin it is essential nutrients for hair growth because it lowers the risk of oxidative stress in the scalp
  • Vitamin C – why it necessary for hair because it increases iron absorption in body iron is also a factor of hair growth
  • omega-3 fatty acids – omega-3 fatty acids reduced hair loss and increased hair density
  • biotin – it is very essential for hair and stronger, silky and shiner

the best food for hair growth and the worst food for hair fall


EGGS  make your hair ,strong, long slikky ,smother and grow fater

If you want to grow your hair faster, an egg is one of the food which you can eat and apply in your hair too

Eggs are one of the tasty food even found lots of proteins one of the names is b vitamin called biotin

Biotin is a vitamin found in many foods such as meat, fish, nuts, seed as well as eggs that boast your Hair and Growth your hair faster

Study shows that a person who consumes biotin that helps grow your hair faster and good for nail even aid stay you healthy

eggs contain lots of other compounds that may help boost hair growth such as zinc, selenium, L-lysine, vitamin d, choline and vitamins A, B12 and other types of nutrients


BERRIES  give important nutrients for hairs

Berries contain lots of vitamins that may promote your hair and grow faster on of the vitamin name is vitamin c

One of the best things is berries contain approx 141% vitamin c which daily intakes

It has powerful antioxidant properties. that boast your hair and prevent your hair become brittle and breaking 

Found a huge amount of antioxidants that can help protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules called free radicals.

If you have a lack of iron in your body you can be consuming food which high in vitamin c

Lack of iron in the human body that causes anemia which directly linked to hair loss

3 Spinach

 Spinach  good for iron that may help long your hair fastly

Eat Spinach is a good habit that good for your overall health, It easily available in the market

Spinach provides lots of vitamin and minerals that promote your hair growth such as folate, iron, and vitamins A, vitamin c

A cup of Spinach contains 60% vitamin A, 15 % vitamin c and 4% of iron that promote hair growth

If you eat Spinach daily that good for hair even help to prevent cancer, help in anemia, good for bones health as well as help in diabetes, asthma and good for skin


FATTY FISH for long and good hair

you are consuming food which high in omega-3 fatty acids that promote your hair growth and make silkier and shiner

what we eat to get more omega-3 fatty acids so the problem has to solved

you can eat fatty fish like summon, herring and mackerel all are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin and minerals such as protein, selenium, vitamin D3, and B vitamins

A study found a person who consumes more amount of omega-3 fatty acids reduced hair loss and increased hair density

I think you should eat fatty fish 1 or 2 times a week


 CARROTS promote your hair growth

Carrots one of the tasty food you can eat for good hair, many people eat carrots raw some people eats in salads and you can also drink carrots juice which good health

It contains more amount of beta-carotene which convert into vitamin a in your body which directly linked to promoting your hair

The normal size of carrots provides around 65% of the vitamin a which may help boost your hair

it contains more amount of vitamin k, alpha-carotene, fiber, vitamin E and Potassium, and another thing

Carrots good for vision, help to preventing cancer, good for heart, promote bone health and control blood pressure

you can eat other food which rich in beta carotin such as Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cantaloupe, and mangoes

benefits of carrots


 AVOCADOS  for Hair Growth

Avocados are known as her good taste and more amount of nutrients

it a good source of vitamin E that may help boost your hair growth and strengthen your hair

The normal size of avocados provides around 200 grams vitamin e which 21% of your daily needs

One study person who suffering from hair loss taking vitamin e continuously for 8 months and end of the studies found they  experienced 34.5% more hair growth

you know avocados rich in vitamin e as well as a good source of vitamin k, vitamin c, vitamin b5, and b6 and folate and fibers

Eating avocados lower the risk of cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer,

contains a good amount of antioxidant that protect your eyes

the best food for hair growth


NUTS give important nutrients for hairs that help in Hair Growth

nuts are a healthy snack which everyone can eat, it contains lots of nutrients that promote your hair growth

An ounce (28 grams) nuts provide around 37 % vitamin e that may strengthen your hair and smoother

Nuts are a good source of vitamin E as well as a good source of fat, protein, fiber, B vitamins, zinc, omega-6, and omega-3 deficiency  of nutrient has been directly linked to hair fall

Many studies show that eating nut help in hair growth but other lots of benefits such as weight loss, reducing the risk of heart disease factors.

Here are some nut varieties that you can add in your snacks if you are not able deciding which nuts you should eat

  • Almonds
  • pistachios
  • walnuts
  • cashews
  • pecans
  • macadamia nuts
  • brazil nuts
  • hazelnuts nuts
  • peanuts

in my opinion, nuts are one of the easy snacks you can diet and eats every time and anywhere


SWEET PEPPERS good for long hair

Sweet pepper is a vegetable that comes in lots of colors

In sweet peppers found more amount of vitamin c which contains around 5.5 times as much vitamin C as an orange

found lots of others nutrient in sweet peppers vitamin b6, vitamin k1, potassium, vitamin e, and other nutrients

A study shows that high in vitamin c that may help hair growth even promote collagen production which gets strong your hair help in a stand

protect from Oxidative stress which directly has been linked in hair fall and increase the production of sebum that keeps hair healthy

Additionally, Eating sweet peppers also good for eyes, help to prevent anemia including hair


OYSTER one of the best food that growth your hair faster

Oyster is seafood that found in marine habitats such oceans

you don’t know zinc also support your hair growth that found in a high quantity of oyster

Interestingly, some studies have shown that zinc add in your diet that may aid prevent hair fall

100-gram of oyster contains zinc around 600% of the RDI that may protect hair damages but taking an overdose of zinc that cause of hair falls

oyster also rich in vitamin b12, magnesium, copper, vitamin d and another vitamin and minerals


BEANS aslo may help increse your hair

Beans also a good source of zinc like oyster and rich in Lysine  which boosts your hair growth

100 – gram of black provide around 8% of your daily zinc needs as well as provide other nutrients such as iron, protein

According to the research Lysine  help for a person who suffers from think and weak hair

one of the best think of beans is you can easily add in your diet


SOYBEANS Foods for Hair Growth

soybean rich in powerful antioxidants that have lots of benefits one of the benefits is to promote hair growth

Interestingly, soybean contains a powerful compound which knows as spermidine that may boast your hair and stronger

One study has shown that assigned 100 women who consuming spermidine based supplements continually 3 months and end of the study found that women who taking spermidine based food that grows hair faster compared than before

even soybeans provide lots of nutrients such as protein, carbs, fiber, fats, vitamins k1, manganese other types of nutrients

that help lower the risk of growing cancer cell in the human body, good for bone health, lower the risk of Flatulence and diarrhea


RED MEAT for Hair Growth

if you are not vegetarians so that good news for you you can eat meat that may help grow your hair faulty

Meat is ( non – heme ) food which provides a high quantity of iron that easily absorbs by the body

100 gram of meat contain around 29 grams of protein, 2.7 mg of iron, which is 15% of the RDI, help repair hair follicles even help make hair stronger

Some studies have been proved, the absence of iron directly relationship in hair fall and promote baldness, consuming more iron that makes red blood cells which throughout the oxygen whole body

Meat is a good source for protein and iron as well as a perfect amount of vitamin b6, vitamin b12. zinc, selenium

best food for hair growth


SHRIMP may hep longer your hair

Even though, everyone knows that shrimp is a type of selfish that good in taste and more consumed by people

Shrimps have a potential that may aid promote your hair growth and make stronger

it contains certain and important nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12, protein, selenium which is an important nutrient and deficiency of these nutrients causes of hair falls

provide a good amount of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that increased the hair growth fastly

consuming shrimp may help lower the risk of triglycerides and bad cholesterol

some people say that eat shrimp not good for health but it good for health

remember one thing buy shrimp when you are purchasing shrimp check the quality and buy from reputable suppliers.


TANGERINES for hair growth

Tangerines is a fruit which is known as a member of citrus family that promote your hair ingrowth

you don’t know tangerines provide more amount of vitamins c that may help iron absorb in a body you know the deficiency of iron causes of hair loss

Eating Tangerines also a good source of the vitamin A folate, protein, carbs, and fiber

You can eat Tangerines for hair growth

the best food for hair growth


GREEK YOGURT for long hair

you are vegetarians and don’t even like eat meat in that case you can consuming greek yogurt which contains more protein like meat

it rich in powerful antioxidants and mineral that grow your hair fastly

Greek yogurt also an ingredient that used to in ancient period for hair growth and flows blood in the scalp

you are a person suffering from thinning and weak hair, want to make strong you should eat Greek Yogurt

 It good for bone health, mussels. good for skin and cartilage


PEANUT BUTTER  for Hair Growth

Everyone in these worlds surely would have tasted peanut butter it worldwide famous and knows as her good taste, many people eat in breakfast

Peanut butter also helps in growing your hair fastly because it contains a high amount of vitamin e

In my opinion, you should add in your diet if you want long and healthy hair

But after eating peanut butter some person experiences allergy, so if you are person have an allergy to eat peanut so don’t eat it

It’s rich in antioxidants as well as a good source of protein, fat, carbohydrate including vitamin E vitamin B3, vitamin B6

Some foods that cause hair loss

Some foods that cause hair loss and prevent hair grow

you have been read Foods for Hair Growth that may help boost your hair fastly but you would think, there would be some food that causes hair loss and prevents the growth of hair

The answer is yes if your desire is to get healthy, silky, smooth, stronger hair avoid some food that makes interrupt in hair growth

Here is some food that makes interrupt in hair growth


It is seafood found in the ocean that prevents hair growth because it contains more amount of mercury and you should also avoid mackerel and tuna because of it also rich in mercury

According to some studies, mercury has been directly linked hair fall and interrupt in hair growth

Mercury impact in children’s brain and nervous system development and pregnant women should not eat Bowdish during pregnancy


If you are the addiction to alcohol so you will have to quite it because that is a major factor of preventing hair growth

you know zinc is significant minerals for hair growth but alcohol slow the absorption of zinc in the body

Drinking alcohol is not good for health it causes cancer, affects your organs and sleep


Sugar has been a part of life because everyone like includes sugar in foods

you probably know this protein is also essential for boast your hair growth but sugar interrupts the absorption of protein in the body

even though, many types of research have proved consuming more sugar that effects in hair growth

I know sugar is important, but don’t take an overdose of sugar if you do love with your hair

Starchy refined grains

Sometimes you would have noticed, your hair thin no more strength in your hair

what is the reason

Starchy refined grains is a reason getting your hair thin

that food has been stripped nutrient and fiber in your bodies such as white bread, pizza, pasta, pastries, white flour, white rice, sweet desserts that converted into sugar that cause of think hair

so avoid food that would have a high quantity of Starchy refined grains


you have read how some best food for hair growth rapidly and worst food causes of hair fall other hair issues

Good health of hair is significant you know some nutrients such as iron, B vitamin A, vitamin E, protein, fatty acid other

Shortest of these nutrients in the body causes of hair fall, baldness, and other hair problem

maintaining health diet food a better lifestyle and better health

Docter suggest for healthy food for hair, for example, Spanish, avocado, meat, butter, and another thing best food for hair growth

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