Health Benefits of Bitter gourd ( karela ), juice and loses

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Most of the people don’t like bitter gourd ( karela ) because of its bitter taste but you don’t know bitter gourd benefits

Bitter gourd knows as many names as if karela, Pavakka, Hagalkai, Korola, bitter melon, bitter apple, related to the family Cucurbitaceae family, widely grown in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean

Did you know bitter gourd is not vegetable, especially knowns as fruits, basically it used to make various types of medicines

Thank you for bitter gourd taste, when I tried to eat bitter gourd ( karela ) I don’t like it, because of her bitterness taste.

when I read about the benefits of bitter gourd, I was totally shocked so I have decided to eat it, so I started to eat bitter gourd and I got many health benefits such as weight loss, lower blood sugar level and more

Many studies have shown that bitter gourd is an extremely incredible vegetable that has lots of benefits if you eat it because it fully loaded with powerful antioxidants and vitamins and minerals

Many people consume it many ways some make juice and pickles fried chips it depend on how you are consuming

I know it taste is bitter but you don’t know it good for health let found how many benefits of bitter gourd

1. Bitter gourd found important nutrients

Did you know bitter gourd ( karela ) found essential nutrients which good for our health

You know one cup bitter gourd ( karela ) found Calories: 20, Fiber: 2 grams, Folate: 17% of the RDI, Potassium: 8% of the RDI, Zinc: 5% of the RDI

Bitter gourd rich in vitamin a which may help lower the risk of some diseases, bone formation, and wound healing

It’s also a good source of Vitamin A that promotes your vision ( good for eyes health ) and good for healthy skin

It rich in iron, you know iron boast your hair, without iron causes of many diseases as if anemia

Even though, bitter gourd may help protect your cells against damage because it found lots of powerful antioxidants as if catechin, gallic acid, epicatechin, and chlorogenic acid

antioxidants like phenols, flavonoids, and others

So it would we a good choice for you if you consuming it


Did you know 382 million people suffer from diabetes according to the WHO ( world health organizations)

According to the research bitter gourd may help lower the risk of blood sugar, so if you are person suffer from diabetes you can eat

Bitter gourd contains a high amount of insulin compound called Polypeptide-p or p-insulin which is an effective way to lower the risk of diabetes naturally

According to the Cochrane database of systematic has suggested that bitter melon may effective for type 2 diabetes

One study has shown that intake 2000 gram of bitter gourd daily that lower decreased blood glucose level and hemoglobin A1c as well as lower blood sugar levels

Another study found that 40 people who suffer from diabetes, consuming bitter gourd continually one moth lower the risk of blood sugar levels.

3. Bitter gourd benefits for weight loss

Bitter gourd benefits for weight loss

Overweight is a worldwide problem, everyone wants to get the fit and slim body but many people lose hope because they tried to use lots of thing for weight loss

So one of the best ways to lose your weight loss add bitter gourd in your diet as well as you can have bitter gourd juice

even though you are wondering how bitter gourd help in losing weight, so let me tell you

Bitter gourd low in calories which is a great choice for during the weight loss as well as It contains low amounts of fat and carbohydrates

You can drink karela juice, you might have known that A glass of bitter gourd juice fills your stomach and prevents you from taking unnecessary calories. which is a major role for weight loss

You know 90 % of the bitter gourd contains water that good for weight loss and it contains fiber that may help curbs your hunger and make fell you satisfied, so you will not eat unnecessary food

The best and easy way of consuming bitter gourd, you can make juice of it. if you don’t like the bitter taste so you can mix some fruits on its because you did not feel the bitter taste and you can easily drink

Some study has shown that bitter gourd can have beneficial effects that decrease your belly fat and lose your body weight.

you eat bitter melon (1)

4. Bitter gourd lower your Bad cholesterol levels

We should appreciate bitter gourd( karela ) because it has a property that can lower your cholesterol levels That may lower the of heart diseases

You need cholesterol to for healthy cells but a high level of cholesterol that causes of many types of diseases as if heart disease and stroke

# How does cholesterol level increase in your body?

  • you are not having a healthy diet instead you are taking poor diet
  • Lack of exercises because you are lazy
  • Smoking that lower your good cholesterol and damages the walls of your blood vessels
  • obesity if your body mass BMI is greater than 30 that cause of increase cholesterol level in the body

# How bitter gourd help in lower the cholesterol level in the body?

It is rich in potassium that maintains the blood pressure of the body as well as bitter gourd rich in iron and folic acid that decreases the risk of stroke and keep your heart healthy.

Some types of studies show that bitter gourd lower your cholesterol level and extremely good for your overall health

One study in rat found that consuming bitter gourd and karela juice that decreases in levels of total cholesterol, “bad” LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides in your body

Bitter help in maintaining your weight, overweight also causes of cholesterol, you can have it in diet

5. Bitter gourd benefits for skin

 Bitter gourd benefits for skin

Everyone wants to get healthy and glow skin especially women so bitter gourd is the best option because it has powerful antioxidants that may good for skin

so what are the benefits of bitter gourd karela

1. Prevent skin disorder

You must have known that there are many types you can consume karelas some people cooked and some make juice it depend on you

The bitter gourd has the potential to prevent some skin problem as if  acne, rashes, and itchiness, etc and it helps to get healthy and glowing and soft skin because it has blood purifying properties

You might have known that bitter gourd ( karela ) is a magical vegetable used for serval types of skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis as well as other types of fungal infections that are prone to infect you.

2. Anti-aging properties

The bitter gourd rich in  vitamin A and vitamin C that can protect your body from harmful radicals

It also knew her antioxidants properties which prevent premature skin aging and diminishes wrinkles as well as protect your skin from harmful rays which comes from the sun

So if you don’t want to wrinkles in your face and slows down the aging process so you must eat bitter gourd

3. Prevents skin infections 

You know you are eating bitter gourd regularly that can prevent all types of skin infections as if bitter gourd the potential to prevent Eczema and psoriasis as well as help in Fungal infections including ringworm and athlete’s foot can also be cured. so if you are suffering from any types of skin infection should eat karela

6. Bitter gourd boost your immune system

You know the immune system protects you from many diseases or you can say that the immune system is types of body different which protect you against infections and other harmful invaders

Think of your immune system is weak so what will happen

If your immune system is weak you will get sick easily from many types of germs and virus so that is the reason you did not get sick constantly because of your powerful immune system.

Did you know your immune system made from special cells, tissues, and organs which comes together and fight against virus and bacteria

You might have known that some vegetable and fruits may help your boast your immune system So eating bitter gourd is the best and easy way to achieving powerful immune system

Bitter gourd may help strengthen your immune system which fights with germ and bacteria as well as help fight free-radical damage that can cause various types of cancer such as prostate cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer cells

According to the study bitter gourd ( karela ) has anti-carcinogen and anti-tumor properties

Bitter gourd rich in vitamin c which is powerful antioxidants, one cup raw bitter gourd fulfill your daily require needs which is 93% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)

If your immune system is weak whether want to boost your immune system so you just need to add some bitter gourd in your diet

7. Bitter gourd benefits for hair

Bitter gourd  benefits for hair

There is no dought that eating bitter gourd has extremely good for health and good for skin but also good for your hair

Everyone wants long, stronger, silky, and thick hair and you are suffering from hair loss and hair weak so in these case, you have to need bitter gourd ( karela ) add in your diet

However, you are wondering what is the health benefits of hair if we eat bitter gourd let check it out

1. Promotes Silky and Shining Hair

Everyone wants silky and shining hair but sometimes we see some dryness or dandruff in our hair which look too awkward

You are a person who suffers from dryness or dandruff you want to cure in-home and found some home remedy

Here is deal

step 1 – take some fresh bitter gourd

Step 2- make some bitter gourd juice for fresh karela

Step 3- take some yogurt

Step 4- mix karela juice and yogurt in a bowl and make a paste

Step 5- apply in your hair approx 10 minutes

After the follow the step you will see that your hair has a gloss finish and texture.

2. Dandruff Cure

Dandruff is a major problem which everyone faced which looked awkward and fell like embarrassing

What is the cause of Dandruff?

  • junk food and pollutions
  • Not shampooing enough
  • Sensitivity to hair care products
  • oily skin and dry skin

How can we solve it with the bitter gourd?

step 1- take the fresh bitter gourd and make juice

step 2- take some cumin seeds

Step 3 – mix bitter gourd and cumin seeds

Step 4- Apply in your hair before taking a shower for 10 minutes

you have to do it for 1 month you will get results

3. Treats Hair Loss

If you suffer from hair fall and wants to prevent naturally and get a result using a home remedy

follow the steps

Step 1- take some fresh karela and make juice

Step 2- take some sugar,

Step 3- mix both Karela and sugar and make a paste

Skin 4 – you can directly apply in your hair.

Some best food for hair growth

8. Bitter gourd benefits for eyes

Bitter gourd benefits for eyes

Healthy eyes depend on your diet you know you should have a diet which lows in fat and rich in rich in fruits, vegetables so bitter gourd is the best for you it good for overall eye health and vision

One of the other benefits are eating bitter gourd is its good for eyes health, many studies have suggested add bitter gourd in your diet that may help prevent vision-related problems as if the cataract

How bitter gourd good for eyes?

You must have known that bitter gourd rich in many antioxidants and contain a high amount of beta carotene which has been directly linked to good eyes health as well as strength eyesight

You suffer from a dark circle bitter gourd is the best home remedy which has the potential to remove dark circles

9. Bitter gourd may help prevent cancer

Science proved that usually bitter gourd used in china for medicine which has anticancer properties that lower some growing cancer cells in the human body

Laboratory tests showed that bitter gourd is effective for preventing cancer cell from spreading in the body

According to the mouse models to study bitter gourd reduce the risk of incidence of tongue cancer as well as the extract from the bitter melon prevents tumors from breast, prostate, head and neck cancers from growing and spreading

10. Bitter gourd benefits for pregnancy

Bitter gourd benefits for pregnancy

During pregnancy, you have to need to focus on your diet because whatever you are eating during pregnancy impact your baby, So you should intake a diet which is good for health instead have a poor diet as if junk food

So bitter gourd is good for during pregnancy io know it not popular in people especially women what are the benefits of consuming bitter gourd lets checks out

1. Boost immunity system

you will not want that being infected in pregnancy such as simple cough, cold cause of any problems in pregnancy which impacts in your body

So it is very necessary to keep boast your immune system, you can consume bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd rich in vitamin c which has antioxidant qualities which may help boost your immune system has prevented some illness


pregnant women faced two major problem CONSTIPATION AND HEMORRHOIDS during the pregnancy which can be painful

So you can eat bitter gourd because of it rich in fibers, fibers may help prevent hemorrhoids so you want relief from CONSTIPATION AND HEMORRHOIDS so eat bitter gourd


You know if you are pregnant you want to gain your weight during pregnancy but you don’t need to have high-calorie f diet for a gain weight you can consume some bitter gourd, bitter gourd rich in fibers that may help increase your weight as well as  keep you full and supplies your body with essential nutrients


You know folic acid or folate is essential nutrients during pregnancy, so one of the beat and easy ways get folic acid or folate is eat bitter gourd or you can drink bitter gourd juice. Bitter gourd is a rich source of folic acid and


even though digestive problems are also a common issue during pregnancy. The extreme fluctuations in hormones and expansion of uterus cause issues like flatulence, gas, and bloating.

Bitter gourd rich in fibers that may help prevent a diggest problem, if you are suffering from the same problem during your pregnancy you can consume bitter gourd

Bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd juice is one of the best ways to consume if you don’t like to eat because of bitterness taste, you can make it easy even add your favorite ingredient which makes it good

How to make bitter gourd ( karela ) Juice at home

1. Take fresh karela and pell with the help of a knife

2. after the pell off-cut into small peace while take off bitter gourd seeds

3. Take some water and deep karela peace into water approx 30 minutes

4. After 30 minutes put into the mixer as well as you can add some salt, lemon, some fruits, honey, to reduce the bitter taste of the drink and mix until it not think

5. Take off from the mixer serve in a glass and enjoy it

What are the health benefits of karela juice

Karela juice benefits same like bitter groud

Helps weight Loss

Keeps You Hydrated In Summer

For glowing skin

Boosts your immune system

Great for your eyes

What Are The Side Effects Of Eating a high amount of Bitter Gourd?

You know bitter gourd ( karela) basically has been using for medicines many time ago as well as eat bitter gourd lots of benefits but you know if you will intake high dose that can be made the risk for you so let find what is the risk of consuming too much bitter gourd

1. May Stimulate Miscarriage

High intake of bitter gourd that makes the major problem especially pregnant women, as well as causes of emmenagogue (an increase of menstrual flow) and abortion-causing effects and it, will also trigger contractions

you should not consume bitter groud during pregnancy and Lactating women should not take bitter groud even though there are not more studies about it

2. May Interfere With Drugs

You might have known that consuming a high intake of bitter groud that can be lower the risk of blood sugar level. you are having medicine of diabetes, you must take permission to the doctor

3. May Affect The Liver

You might be known that intake of bitter groud extended periods may lead to liver inflammation. Bitter gourds don’t directly damage the liver. However, you eat bitter gourds long term that can elevate liver enzymes and result in a condition called atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

4. May Cause Hypoglycemic Coma

Hypoglycemic coma is a type of Coma cause of a high dose of insulin that found in the bitter ground in high quantity. it lowers the level of sugar level There are case reports that suggest the onset of hypoglycemic coma and the start of atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm) with the intake of bitter gourd

5. May Cause Vomiting And Diarrhea

Bitter gourd may cause vomiting and diarrhea due to its toxicity. Bitter gourd contains a compound called tetracyclic triterpenoid knew as cucurbitacins, which are toxic. In mice studies, excess consumption of the bitter gourd in the juice form was found to lead to toxicity


Bitter groud is known as bitterness taste which has lots of nutrients as well as health benefits such as weight loss, cholesterol level, sugar level

In my point of view, bitter melon ( karela ) Is the best option for you get lost of nutrients, you must eat karela

But don’t take an overdose because it can cause major problems, so try to eat consume in the limit

If you don’t like bitterness taste you can add some fruits


Can we drink bitter gourd juice daily?

Bitter groud juice good for you if you drink daily one glass, bitter gourd rich in many servals nutrients such as  iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamin C as well as lots of benefits good for weight lose, control blood sugar levels, without hesitation, you can drink and add in your diet

Can we drink bitter gourd juice empty stomach?

Bitter gourd is helpful in diabetes, weight loss, good for skin, good for hair and more but you consuming bitter gourd juice empty stomach it may lead to diarrhea and stomach pain

Can I drink bitter gourd juice at night?

You know drink bitter gourd juice is good for health even you can eat bitter gourd with another dish at a convenient time. even though bitter gourd juice improves your glucose tolerance level in your body by keeping insulin levels normal. many studies recommended that you should not eat karela at nigh as well not drink

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